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Multichannel Marketing

Business promotion across two or more channels is known as multichannel marketing. Today's advertising channels include traditional media such as television, newspapers, catalogs, and magazines, the Internet, and mobile access. Successful marketing organizations are continually expanding their tools to include emerging technology. The best programs combine different channels and technology to engage customers in the company's story. They build relationships ... Read More »

email marketing

Email marketing is an efficient tool for companies to communicate with their customers and prospects. When used correctly, it improves sales and loyalty while reducing costs. Companies send two types of emails, promotional and informational. Promotional emails include sale notifications, new product highlights, and theme subjects. They are sent to customers and prospects. Informational emails are primarily transaction information. They ... Read More »


Companies with a presence in two or more marketing channels are known as multichannelorganizations. A channel is the way the business communicates with customers and prospects. It includes direct mail, stores, websites, mobile web, and direct TV. Prior to the introduction of the Internet, companies with multiple channels operated them as silo divisions within the organization. There were two channels: ... Read More »