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Knitting Needles

Knitting needles are tools used by hand-knitters to create knitted fabrics. They can be made of different materials, for different purposes, and are of different lengths and widths. Many knitters prefer wood needles because they have a comfortable weight and feel. Others select metal needles such as aluminum or stainless steel because the slippery material enables them to knit more ... Read More »


For centuries, craftspeople have knit fabrics that range from the pragmatically purposeful to the magnificently elegant. They use a variety of yarns, made from a vast selection of fibers, plus an endless variety of stitches to achieve the texture and drape they desire. Very rough fibers, such as hemp, can be knit into practical items, like washcloths that are not ... Read More »


Yarns are defined as continuous strands of twisted fibers that are used for knitting and weaving. They were originally developed in the Stone Age out of natural fibers, and were used to create a basic necessity of life: clothing for protection against the elements.   Today's yarns are far more than rugged materials for coarse fabrics intended solely for comfort. ... Read More »


Yarn can be crafted of natural or synthetic fibers, in a variety of styles for a myriad of uses — from elegant clothing and accessories to cuddly baby wear and sturdy home decor. The yarn a knitter or weaver chooses depends upon the qualities they are seeking. A synthetic fiber may be strong and resilient, but it doesn't breathe and ... Read More »