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Book Review: Broken Wing by Judith James

Can a highly successful male prostitute and a member of royalty find true love and happiness with each other? Read More »

Book Review: The Secret To Life Transformation: How To Claim Your Destiny Now! by Julie Chrystyn

Julie Chrystyn teaches the secrets of success and shares the stories of famous people who made it happen. Read More »

Book Review: The Secret Lives Of Men – What Men Want You To Know About Love, Sex, and Relationships by Christopher Blazina, Ph.D.

Discover what makes guys tick. Learn how to understand, communicate, and have better relationships with the men in your life. Read More »

Book Review: Kosher By Design Lightens Up – Fabulous Food For A Healthier Lifestyle by Susie Fishbein

Susie Fishbein's newest kosher cookbook features healthy, nutritious, easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes with an international , cosmopolitan flavor. Read More »

Book Review: ABC’s Of Lighthearted Living… My Rx – Learn How Happy Leads To Healthy. Trust Your Self. Love Your Life by Margaret Mears, M.D.

Learn how to live a healthier, happier, more balanced life. Dr. Margaret Mears shares 26 prescriptions for achieving these goals in ABC's of Lighthearted Living. Read More »


The Mediterranean diet is based on the eating habits of people who lived in the Mediterranean regions of Greece and southern Italy during the early 1960s. It was discovered that over this time period, these individuals had lower incidences of heart disease and lived longer and healthier lives than those living in other European countries and the United States. Due ... Read More »


Yoga is a Sanskrit word for union. This exercise style originated in India over 5000 years ago. However, during the past several years, the renewal of this ancient practice has been steadily gaining popularity throughout the world. Yoga is a mind-body-spirit exercise that is practiced to restore balance and harmony to one’s life. This is accomplished by performing a series ... Read More »

Book Review: The Resilient Child – Seven Essential Lessons for your Child’s Happiness and Success by George S. Everly, Jr., Ph.D.

Explains how to teach children how to deal with stress and rebound from adversity. Read More »

Book Review: Dr. Rob’s Guide To Raising Fit Kids by Dr Robert C. Gotlin

Knowing who to trust and where to turn for answers can get tricky. Read More »

Book Review: The Richest Season by Maryann McFadden

After twenty-five years of marriage, Joanna Harrison couldn't take it anymore. She ran away and found more than she ever could have imagined. Read More »