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Movie Review: Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane has the good sense to provide the titular snakes on the titular plane and not much else. Read More »

Movie Review: Eraserhead

This is movie heaven and everything is fine. Read More »

Movie Review: It Waits

It Tries! Read More »

DVD Review: House of the Dead

The image was properly exposed, in focus, and, failing that, the audio was intelligible. Otherwise: bland awfulness. Read More »

Pat Robertson Denies Getting Hangnail

Asked if he had ever gotten sick or even felt any discomfort, he replied, "No, that's what happens to sinners like Ariel Sharon." Read More »

Movie Review: King Kong (2005)

Fantastic, despite some unfortunate choices and excess. Read More »

DVD Review: King Kong (1933)

Years ago, I was in a book store and saw a children’s book version of King Kong. It was a simple retelling of the tale with illustrations and, aside from the fact that it told the same story, it never referenced the original film. It just was: Kong as mythic a creature as the Big Bad Wolf or Rumplestiltskin, a ... Read More »

DVD Review: The Time of the Wolf

A powerful, bleak, and unsparing post-apocalyptic tale. Read More »

DVD Review: Bringing Up Baby

This is an utterly charming movie and a funny one at that. Read More »

Movie Review: Capote

A great biopic, finding exactly the right tone to elucidate the inner life of the person it’s focusing on. Read More »