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Republicans Say: It’s a Mess!

Even Republicans can see the domestic and foregin policy mess this administration has made. Make a change on November 7. Read More »

Iraq: American Options

"Are we baby-sitting a civil war in Iraq?" It is a most pertinent question in light of the hearing discussed below. Read More »

Pick One: Liberty or Security?

When our troops return, which choice will they find America made behind their backs in these trying times? Read More »

Remember This About 9/11

Succumbing to fear and allowing it to dictate one's decisions and actions is to give power to the fear and those who promote it. Read More »

Hoodwink Cycle in Full Spin Mode

If you and your children's futures are being served by government, then vote to keep the politicians who have made it so. Read More »

Rumsfeld and Reality Don’t Mix

His central theme was terrorists. His strategy was to invoke fear. Read More »

Is a New Constitution Called For?

The founding fathers had it all wrong. Let's write a new constitution that gets rid of all those inconvenient rights and elitist freedoms. Read More »

Election Season: What Can We Tell You?

The 2006 elections will be about voters telling incumbent politicians why they won't be getting millions of votes. Read More »

Lieberman and McKinney Lose, Voters Win

My mild disappointment is not that Lamont won, but the small margin. Read More »

Poll: Democrats Favored Is Misunderstood

First, it is a misunderstanding to interpret the poll as a vote of confidence in Democratic candidates. Read More »