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What Robert Ringer Said Does Not Seem Correct in All Respects

Ringer says believing doesn't necessarily require seeing. An atheist can agree, sort of. So far as it goes. Read More »

Meet Mr. Insensitive … Me

Here's your choice: surrender to the Islamo-fascism or resist it. Read More »

Satire: The Last Episode of 24

How it ends. No, really. A mole at 24 smuggled this to me. Script of last episode that'll ever air. Read More »

Christianity and Cartoons Versus Islam and Cartoons

Christianity may be a more moral cultural force than Islam these days. But no thanks to the actual lessons of the Bible. Read More »

Don’t Let the Islamo-Fascists Kill the Right to Free Speech

Islamo-fascists call criticism of Islamo-fascism a form of "terrorism." What does that tell us about "cultural differences"? Read More »

Don’t Let the State Kill Steve Kubby

Help. Pro-medicinal-pot activist Steve Kubby may end up being killed by the state. He's sick...and not getting the right treatment. Read More »

Original Action Scenes: Point-Blank Possible

Action scenes can be stultifyingly dull stretches of celluloid and often are. But.... Read More »

The Get-a-Job Theory of Income Generation

Come get what's yours. Or not yours. Whatever. Read More »

Why I Hate Sports

Why you like sports and I don't, and why I'm right and you're wrong. Read More »

It Is Time for Wal-Mart to Do the John Galt Thing

Wal-Mart should shut down all of its operations in Maryland. Now. Read More »