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24 Rebounds In Season Three

In my review of season two of 24 I panned the ridiculous plotline involving Jack Bauer’s daughter, Kim, played by Elisha Cuthbert. Given that mindset, I was in little mood for more absurd television as season three began. Yet that was exactly how the first five episodes of season three seemed. The prison breakout by Bauer of Ramon Salazar (played ... Read More »

Is Andre Agassi ‘Great’?

When the U.S. Open began about two weeks ago, I noticed an article about the U.S. Open with the lead, “Agassi’s Last Hurrah?” Tennis is a funny game. At age 34, in most other sports Andre Agassi would still have a chance at being in his prime. In golf, hell, he’d still almost be a babe. But in tennis, 34 ... Read More »


Here’s a round up of various Iowa bloggers and their caucus predictions. They are actually quite varied: Each of the big four candidates is chosen by at least one of the bloggers. Here they are: Over at Tusk and Talon, there’s Jeff, Chad, and Don. Here’s Cedar Pundit, Yin blog, and Jason Steffens. Well worth your time. For my prediction, ... Read More »

Social Security Reform

Eric Olsen was nice enough to encourage me to post something here about a new study that I authored for the think-tank I work for, the Public Interest Institute, that examines Social Security reform. (And Eric is much too nice to for me to decline.) Entitled “Social Security Reform and Union Households in Iowa,” it takes on claims from union ... Read More »

Jurassic Gnats

Michael Crichton is a very talented storyteller. Unfortunately, he seems to be running out of stories to tell. In his new book Prey, a company creates some micro-organisms that behave much like tiny insects. They are supposed to functions as cameras that can travel through the human body, helping doctors see medical ailments. Yet the technology backfires, and the “insects” ... Read More »

The Reality of ‘Signs’

After watching my DVD of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs”, I was reminded of how much it had affected my life. In Signs, aliens prepare for an invasion of earth by making “crop circles” in cornfields. Once here, they kill humans for food. However, the aliens have a fatal weakness: water. Contact with the stuff can kill them. As you may ... Read More »