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No Revoltin’ Developments Here! – Fantastic Four Review

No Revoltin’ Developments Here! Well, we saw The Fantastic Four yesterday. I thought it was well-cast (of course Chiklis steals the film–didn’t Ben steal the comic too? but the others–including Alba, whom I hated in Sin City, and whom I feared–based upon the publicity stills–would again be forced to serve as lightning rod for fanboy lust–filled their roles admirably) and ... Read More »

A Horse is A Horse–of Course

A Horse is a Horse–Of Course:Sympathy and the Subaltern in Postbellum America In the years immediately following the conclusion of the Civil War, many Northern reformers redirected their efforts toward improving the lives of the beasts that had played such an important metaphorical role in abolitionist literature. Henry Bergh founded the ASPCA in 1866, and the MSPCA emerged two years ... Read More »

Ecrasez L’Infame!

    Ah historiography! It’s the only aspect of historical discourse that I find at all interesting.  Without it, I would never have come into contact at all with so many of the greatest (now "superseded") practitioners of the art. I may, quite possibly, have been the only instructor in America who assigned Perry Miller to undergraduates last year–and Richard Hofstadter’s ... Read More »

the Ultimate Mulholland Dr. Round-up

Okay! This is a series of (unedited & hastily written–but passionate) conversations that have taken place in my little circle of net-acquaintances over the past few months… #1: There’s a man… in back of this place… He’s the one that’s doing it I concur with the Flak magazine commenters’ broad outline of the film, which you can download here if ... Read More »

Sin City–AKA…

Sure, sure, I talk way too much about It’s a Wonderful Life, but this one’s obvious! The movie was pretty good–unquestionably the most stylish adaptation of a comic book ever–although the gnosticism didn’t appeal to me…  "No exit"–that’s my philosophy… every single one of these fuckers spends their life looking for the way out of the narrative–and maybe I would ... Read More »

McDonald’s is the new Catholic Church

Check this out! We’re Asian and Pacific Islander Americans and our diverse cultures and our everyday American lifestyle are becoming one. We’re hanging on to our great traditions while we move to the beat of the times. We honor our heritage and we love being Americans. From high fashion to high tech, from Asian Pacific American hip hop to haute ... Read More »

Say It Ain’t So, REO Joe

Lisa Fine’s The Story of REO Joe exhibits the ways in which community, continuity, and collusion structure the formation–and even the scholarly interrogation–of identity. Lansing’s persistent ethnic homogeneity throughout the early-to-mid twentieth century furnishes the author with near-perfect lab-conditions in which to observe a cultural group that often eludes scholars of class-relations in America–white, protestant industrial workers. Fine’s history of ... Read More »

Gone Away

Teresa Wright died… I know, I know, we’ve all gotta go sometime…and 86 years ain’t bad… Still, I’ve only known her for 19 of them (we first met when I was a tween, discovering that the PBS late show could make up for any amount of drunken brawling that went on in the space beyond my bedroom door)  I wouldn’t ... Read More »