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Correct, Not So Much – Golden Globes Post Game

So, I batted .385. That’s not really good. But I’m always better at the Oscars (I was 2 for 3 last year), so I’ll always have that, I guess. Read More »

Golden Globes Preview

Once again, it’s time for the Golden Globes, or as I like to call them, “Pimp My Oscar Campaign.” Read More »

Director’s Guild Noms

Good news for Forster and Hackford (sort of). Mann and Gondry, not so much. Read More »

We May Already Know the Best Picture Nominees

The Producer’s Guild of America Noms came out yesterday and shocked, um, nobody. Whoever wins this is 80% likely to win Best Picture. Read More »

Dave’s Top Ten of 2004 – Your Results May Vary

Was it a good year for film? Not exactly. Was it a bad year? Maybe. Was there still stuff worth seeing? Definitely. Will I stop talking like Robert Evans? Read the article. Read More »

Scott Andrew (Not to Be Confused with Sting)

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Scott Andrew weaves tales of abandoned locales on his debut EP Where I’ve Been. Performed with The Walkingbirds, which is basically Scott Andrew in a DIY home studio (plus two guest musicians on a couple tracks), the CD shows him fusing country and folk to a rock ‘n’ roll spine. This helps create the anthemic feel of the ... Read More »

My Partisan Summer at the Movies

You just can’t get away from partisan politics in an election year. Even during the summer. Even at the movies. Read More »

DVD Review: Freaks and Geeks

The show is very much like an 80’s version of The Wonder Years without Daniel Stern and with a much richer supporting cast of characters. Read More »

The Omen

Like Final Destination with Gregory Peck and a plot. Read More »