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Book Review: ‘Completeness of the Soul’ by Jim Booth – Portrait of the Artist as an Aging Rock Star


Can an aging rock star escape stardom with his life, and find completeness outside of it? This is the central question in this brilliant, timely, deeply moving novel by Jim Booth. Read More »

Book Review: Beaver Street: A History of Modern Pornography by Robert Rosen

Down the XXX rabbit hole: A veteran editor’s experience inside the pornography industry - from print, to pictorials, to X-rated movies, to phone sex. Read More »

Jim Morrison: True to His Genius

In honor of Jim Morrison’s Dec. 8 birthday, a feature on the troubled childhood of the legendary star. Read More »

John Lennon and the Immortal Number 9

In tribute to Lennon's 70th birthday on October 9, an exploration of the uncanny significance of the mystical Number 9 in his life Read More »

Who Murdered Jimi Hendrix?

Making a case that Jimi Hendrix was murdered by his manager, Michael Jeffery, a former MI6 intelligence agent. Read More »

Ground Zero Mosque: Olive Branch or Stick in the Eye?

The arguments for and against the building of the Cordoba mosque at Ground Zero in New York Read More »

“There Goes My Everything”: Elvis and Gladys

The immortal love story of the King of Rock and his dear mother, Gladys, in both life and death. Read More »

We All Fall in Love Sometimes: The Rush Limbaugh and Elton John Romance

Rush Limbaugh dumps his fourth bride and marries his piano player, Elton John, at the Vatican. Read More »

MICHAELVIS: When the Two Kings Became One

The many similarities between Elvis Presley and his son-in-law, Michael Jackson – the King of Rock and the King of Pop – in the way they lived and the way they died. Read More »

Kurt Cobain and the Black Tornado

The death of Kurt Cobain: suicide or murder? A re-examination of the evidence and of widow Courtney Love. Read More »