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Author Archives: David Ben-Ariel

Aid for Africa?

Mugabe's still in power (no visits by Jesse Jackson or by an African-American coalition of outraged ministers). Read More »

Scarlet Letter – A Christian With AIDS

I was diagnosed with HIV in 1999 and since then the HIV has progressed on into AIDS. Read More »

Does God Heal Today?

Everybody is an individual and everybody must make up their own mind about whether or not to take medicines. Read More »

Brokeback Mountain Blues

... tumultuous thoughts, tormenting conflicts of interest and personal struggles brought to the surface, surging like lava from a volcano... Read More »

Shimon Peres Came To Power Over Rabin’s Dead Body

Shimon Peres is a kapo of compromise, a prostitute serving his German-Jesuit EU masters, a traitor selling out Jews, Jerusalem and Israel. Read More »

Germany Behind the Mask: Monster or Marshmallow?

"So long as we wear the mask, we remain hidden..." Read More »