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2004 Men’s National Team vs. 2006 Men’s National Team

What a difference two years, Jerry Colangelo, and Coach K make. Read More »

Isiah Thomas Could Be A Better Coach Than You Think

Isiah Thomas is no Larry Brown, but he is no Tim Floyd either. Read More »

How The MLB Might Look if Pythagoras Ran the Show

A snapshot look at eight teams who are either under-performing or out-performing their Pythagorean winning percentages. Read More »

Who Should Give Up Switch-Hitting?

Switch-hitting is only effective when you're good at it. These guys aren't. Read More »

Is There Increasing Parity in Women’s College Basketball?

Is parity in the women's NCAA tournament keeping up with its male counterpart? Read More »

Wait Until The Nationals Have A New GM

Maybe Thomas Boswell should do some research before he dispenses baseball advice. Read More »

Breaking Down the NBA Finals

Want to know who you should bet on? Read to find out. Read More »

Is Chipper Jones Really Underappreciated?

No he is not, and Terence Moore seems confused about what the word "underappreciated" really means. Read More »

Cox vs. Schuerholz: Give Me The GM Any Day

Mark Bradley would rather have Bobby Cox than John Schuerholz. What about you? Read More »

Chris De Luca Gets A Little Ahead Of Himself

Chris De Luca and I will have to agree to disagree about the impact of two NL Central transactions. Read More »