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Playing Ball with Graydon Carter

Graydon Carter getting cash for promoting Hollywood products may not be news. I mean, nothing about Hollywood is actually news, is it? Read More »

The Hate

I don’t want to put myself above anyone else here, so let me begin by saying that yes, I hate you. And wipe that feigned look of shock from your face. You hate me too. There was a scene in the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which Larry David was about to get together with an actress who ... Read More »

Draft Dodging During Sweeps Week

What I'm about to suggest will sound radical even to the most zealous patriots, but here goes anyway. Read More »

You Know You Want It

After more than a week in the media crosshairs, the White House has now authorized Condi Rice to testify publicly in front of the 9-11 panel. The White House press strategy, once airtight, close to the vest and extremely effective, has morphed into a bad porn movie (unfortunately, one that has been edited for viewing by John Ashcroft). Even when ... Read More »

Marriage Amendment Draft

President Bush has officially endorsed a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage. He has already warned Congressional Democrats not to attempt a filibuster (although he later admitted privately that he thought someone had threatened to fill a Buster). Electablog has obtained a working copy of the amendment, along with some additional notes, currently being passed around conservative circles. I can’t reveal ... Read More »

Small World After All?

“Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse … Holy (rhymes with) Duck.” That may have been the tune being hummed around the very prolific hallways of the Disney empire. Imagine the quiet confidence you might feel riding along in your boat as it passes the many Pirates of the Caribbean for the umpteenth time. Then suddenly, from ... Read More »

How the Wes Was Lost

Clark Drops Out: A funny thing happened on Wesley Clark’s way to elective office. Actually it was two funny things. The first was that he lost his voice, some of the strength of his personality and his previously remarkable ability to communicate (OK, and also his strategy once it turned out Kerry, and not Dean, was the man to beat). ... Read More »

It’s Already Been Brought

The pre-general election is over. A glimpse into the Bush-Kerry debates. Read More »

Brow Beaten

Bush surprises on the downside on Meet the Press Read More »

Milking Janet Jackson

Editor’s note: we are very excited to have Dave Pell join Blogcritics – this post originally appeared here. One of the downsides to writing a weekly column that comes out on Thursdays is that, sometimes, it is almost impossible to wait that long to get in on a mega-proportioned global discussion that sweeps across the nation (and maybe the world), ... Read More »