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Having an Empire Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

From George W. Bush's Friday graduation speech at the Naval Academy:

We're using all elements of national power to deny terrorists the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons they seek. We will not allow mass murderers to gain access to the tools of mass destruction. And we're stopping terrorists from achieving their ideological victories they seek, by working to spread the hope of freedom and reform across the broader Middle East. We understand that free nations do not support terrorists or inv Read More »

On the Futility of the White House Press Corps

At today's White House press briefing conservative buffoon Les Kinsolving managed to waste everyone's time in his usual fashion with this line of questioning: Read More »

Manifest Destiny: Now in Crystal Meth Flavor

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Air Force, just in time for the release of "Episode III," is requesting President iPod's permission to develop and deploy new offensive and defensive weapons in space Read More »

Analogy is War Conducted By Other Means

Once upon a time, the United States went to war in a far-away nation about whose history most Americans knew little or nothing. Read More »