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The Shame of Our Public School System: Part One

My experience during my first year of teaching was a personal nightmare and echoed what many other teachers experience as well. Read More »

The Top Ten Douche Bags of 2007

Douchebags were making headlines throughout 2007. Read More »

My Horrifying and Enlightening Near-Death Experience

My near-death experience, which was both horrifying and enlightening, has forced me to see life differently. Read More »

Parents Who Leave Their Children Are Criminals

No matter what happens between two parents, both of them owe their child love and comfort. Read More »

Illegal Immigration: The “Gay Marriage” Issue of the 2008 Election

Republicans could win the 2008 presidential election with the illegal immigration issue. Read More »

Book Review – James Frey Tackles Oprah Winfrey in It Takes a Village to Abuse a Child

James Frey gets revenge on Oprah Winfrey with his latest novel..... Read More »

An Open Letter To Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was an idol of mine for years. Recently, something has definitely gone wrong. Read More »

Concert Review: Vanessa Carlton “Bites” Las Vegas Festival

At The Bite of Las Vegas, Vanessa Carlton proved being able to play piano and hit a variety of vocal high notes isn't necessarily enough. Read More »

Halle Berry’s Comment: Where Are Jesse and Al?

The lack of outrage should be of concern to everyone. Read More »

The Upcoming Civil War in America

America will endure a Civil War that will end the nation as we know it within the next ten years. Read More »