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A Simple Solution to the Pledge Debate?

It seems very likely that the battle over the propriety of requiring that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited in public schools won’t end any time soon. Wouldn’t it simply be easier for Congress to repeal the 1954 act that added the words “under God” to the pledge and was inspired by McCarthyist, Cold War hysteria? U.S. District Judge Lawrence ... Read More »

The Supremes: Media Stars or Jurists?

There’s a rather troubling article in Monday morning’s Washington Post regarding the treatment television news gives Supreme Court doings. Howard Kurtz quotes several cable TV news hosts who, while lawyers themselves, argue that television news can never successfully cover the intricacies of the Court because of the “lack of excitement” aroused by such stories and the need to compete with ... Read More »

Naming rights, and other such abominations.

I’ve suffered over the years watching such travesties as the San Francisco Giants’ park being renamed “SBC Park” (“Pacific Bell Park” somehow felt quite acceptable, and had a homey feel), and Candlestick Park acquiring the moniker “Monster Park.” San Diego’s new baseball stadium is called “Petco Park,” which evokes visions of poodles jogging around the bases in Best of Show ... Read More »