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Darin L. Hammond works for BlogCatalog, owns and writes at, and freelances as a writer and designer. Darin Publishes across the web on sites like Technorati, BC Blog, Blog Critics, Broowaha, Demand Media Studios, and Social Media Today.

Electronic Cigarettes, the Law, and Your Health

The vapor from e-cigarettes appears similar to tobacco smoke.

Banning or permitting products based upon whim and hearsay make weak government. The U.S. needs to act now by performing research. Read More »

How Writers (and Anyone Else) Can Work Through Anxiety with Mindfulness

Ralph Ellison was plagued by writer's block more than most. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Learning to force your feelings of anxiety into the distance can dissolve writer's block - or whatever's keeping you from being productive. Read More »

How Prozac-Haters Hurt People with Major Depression

Vincent van Gogh's 1890 painting
Sorrowing old man ('At Eternity's Gate')

Those who denigrate psychopharmaceuticals in favor of a spiritual approach to depression can end up harming some sufferers. Read More »

The Mind of the Reader Is the New Journalist

Your hired! As a journalist on call. Read More »