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The Plame Kerfuffle

From the New York Times… One of the most puzzling aspects of the C.I.A. leak case has had to do with the name of the exposed officer. Why did the syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak identify her as Valerie Plame in exposing her link to the C.I.A. in July 2003 when she had been known for years both at the ... Read More »

Another American Girl Missing with Aruba Connection

While Aruba does damage control over fears that their tourism industry may suffer, reports have surfaced that Natalee Holloway is not the only young American girl to disappear there. From The Hawaii Channel: Another family said they know exactly what the parents of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teenager who has been missing in Aruba since last week, are going through. ... Read More »

Liberal Groups Demand the Exclusion of Groups That Exclude Groups

From Agape Press: Several liberal organizations are displeased that the Colorado-based men’s ministry Promise Keepers has been granted permission to use facilities at the University of Arkansas for one of its stadium events. Critics claim PK is non-inclusive and intolerant and should therefore be precluded from visiting the campus. Next month, Promise Keepers will be holding a conference at Razorback ... Read More »

Newsweek Still Hates America

While Americans saw this cover on their February 2 issues of Newsweek… …the Japanese saw this cover… … and international readers saw this one… It only took me one or two issues, a long time ago, to realize Newsweek had little to do with news, and a lot to do with leftist, anti-American propaganda. I rarely ever read it. So ... Read More »

The silliness of the filibuster

Well I did some research and I really surprised me how openly people admit that the filibuster doesn't serve any other purpose these days than, basically, to allow any single senator to hold the rest of the Senate hostage. Read More »

Judge wants critics silenced

A federal judge whose husband and mother were slain by a disgruntled litigant urged Congress on Wednesday to help bring an end to "truly dangerous" verbal attacks on judges that might lead to violent action. Read More »