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Satire: Compassionately Augmented Boycotts of Arizona Must Succeed

China should be next. Read More »

Nebraska’s New Abortion Laws Raise Constitutional Issues

Nevertheless, it should be possible to overcome them. Read More »

If There is No Real God, How About an Artificial One?

We need at least to conduct ourselves as though there were one. Read More »

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision Should Be Read

It makes little sense to applaud or disparage the decision without having read it. Read More »

The Yale University Press and a Book About Cartoons

Refusal to reprint dastardly cartoons offensive to Islam was a giant step forward for free speech. Read More »

What’s With the Birthers?

Even if President Obama was born in Kenya, it's too late to do much about it. Read More »

Strange Events May Be Brewing and Honduras is Their Focus

Mediation of the Honduran situation by President Arias may well be a good thing. Read More »

Presidents Chávez, Obama et al Are Meddling Egregiously with Honduras

The United States has given the lawfully deposed President of Honduras full support, after giving meager support to the Iranian protesters. Read More »

The United States Government Should Not Remain Neutral During the Iranian Protests

There are circumstances when neutrality is wise; neutrality in the face of outrageous human rights violations can be unwise. Read More »

Judge Sotomayor Belongs to a (GASP) Women’s Organization!

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Read More »