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A Nutshell Review: Sahara

The trailer of this film does not do it any justice, as it presented this film like another rehash of Nicholas Cage’s National Treasure, given the success of that film at the box office. While this show is somewhat a treasure hunt adventure, the focus is far from that, as it manages to put in many different subplots and mix ... Read More »

A Nutshell Review: The Pacifier

It seems like at some point in time, all Hollywood beefcakes just have to make that foray from action movies to comedies. Stallone did it with Stop Or My Mom Will shoot, and Schwarzeneggar did it with Kindergarten Cop. Now, we have Vin Diesel playing nanny to a bunch of kids in The Pacifier. The plot is so formulaic that ... Read More »

A Nutshell Review: Be Cool

A new opportunity to watch John Travolta and Uma Thurman boogie on the dance floor together, is worth the price of the admission ticket. Who could’ve forgotten the classic scene from Pulp Fiction where the two made trademark moves to the song “You Never Can Tell” – now both of them sizzle to the performance of the Black Eyed Peas. ... Read More »