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web hosting

Web hosting involves more than just the Web server.  "Rapid employment growth is expected in Web search portals and data processing, hosting, and related services, while employment in Internet service providers is expected to decline," according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With thousands of Web hosting companies, often working on small margins, you may rapidly find an affordable Web ... Read More »


Have you noticed that that there are many new blog posts stating "nothing new under the sun" — and millions that include "Happy New Year"? A Web document updated with new information is a weblog. But is a blog with nothing new still considered as a blog by you? Who first compiled new entries into the first blog? Who compiled ... Read More »


2009 is the answer to your question. How often have you punched in 1234567890 on your calculator, cell phone, computer, electronic lock, notebook and so many other keypads? Why? Unix time is 1234567890 seconds at 23:31:30 on February 13, only in 2009. NASA has many pages of details of the twenty first century's longest eclipse of the sun viewable from ... Read More »


On April 29, 1930, the courts in Dijon, France, ruled that Burgundy wines may only be produced in the Bourgogne regions of Yonne, Côte-d’Or, and Saône-et-Loire; and also the Villefranche-sur-Saône area of the Rhône Valley. Pinot noir, Gamay, Chardonnay and Aligoté are the four major grape varieties in Burgundy. Sauvignon grapes make for the light, fruity flavors of wines such ... Read More »


Hosting is defined as "the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web sites." Many bloggers have personal experience of web hosting companies.  There is much comment on blogs about computer servers for other Internet/intranet activities. Quite a few posts in the blogsphere complain about hosting companies who fail to match the expectations of bloggers. There ... Read More »


Glasses are a pairs of lenses set in a frame and worn in front of the eyes, usually to correct refractive errors or protect the eyes. Sunglasses allow for better vision by protecting the eyes from bright light and ultraviolet radiation during the day, while safety glasses are used as protection against flying debris, wind or radiation. Pin hole glasses, ... Read More »

nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii on June 20, 1967. After appearances in several productions and winning an Australian Film Institute award, Nicole was given a role in a movie with Tom Cruise and was observed with him at the 1990 Academy Awards.  The couple married in 1990.  They separated more than a ... Read More »


Do you want to look and feel particularly old? What does anti-aging really mean? What effect do anti-aging therapies have on your expenses? Do you truly believe that there is a medication that you can take and instantly age backwards? The cures and treatments for what'll ail you sooner or later include cosmetic surgery, creams, diets, drug therapies, exercises, eye drops, ... Read More »


I will not soon forget my first encounter with pure calcium — a corrosive solid, that reacts vigorously with water to release flammable hydrogen. Liquid calcium may require even more careful handling. Not too many articles in the blogosphere discuss the pure, metallic form of calcium. Many articles mention vitamin D, milk, bones, teeth, supplements, osteoporosis, nutraceuticals … and even ... Read More »


At room temperature, pure cholesterol is a waxy sterol, first identified in the eighteenth century. Essential for maintaining cell membranes, cholesterol can be synthesized by the body's cells. Cholesterol may also be absorbed from the diet. Dietary cholesterol can be channeled through human blood vessels via low density lipoproteins (LDL) or high density lipoproteins (HDL). An excess of LDL ("bad ... Read More »