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As G.M. Goes: Why We Need Universal Coverage

Did anyone else notice last week that General Motors posted a 1.6 billion dollar loss? Did you know that they spent 1.4 billion last quarter on health care? That incredibly high number forced GM to renegotiate with the UAW last week to cut medical benefits to current and past employees – saving the company over one billion dollars a year. ... Read More »

In Vitro? No-No!

I’ve been in a charitable mood lately. I’ve been trying to bridge the often narrow gaps that divide people in this country and preaching it’s time for a change. I’ve been workin’ real hard on living the life I’m preaching. Then Becks sends me this little nugget of idiocy. For those of you to lazy to go follow the link ... Read More »

Open Source Politics

Sometimes the best ideas come out of left field. I was sitting at home on Friday night reading Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat. Friedman was talking about the Open Source movement as one of the 10 things that “flattened the world.” For those of you not quite geeky enough to know what the Open Source movement is, think Linux. ... Read More »

America: We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re #1?

Are we the best nation on Earth? Americans take pride in American dominance the way Yankee fans take pride in the number of World Series trophies they’ve won over the years. We have a certain arrogant swagger that is born from winning. Nothing breeds confidence like success. But the Yankees are a sports team, not a nation. Sports have winners ... Read More »

Mike Brown “Resigns,” America Is A Safer Place

For all of you who think I do nothing but bash Bush, prepare to eat your words. Today I come not to bury Caesar, but to praise him. In a move that had to happen for Mr. Bush to retain even the slimmest shred of integrity and respectability, Mike Brown tendered his “resignation” moments ago. I applaud the move as ... Read More »

Katrina: Battered “Bushite” Syndrome

Hey you folks on the “right” – time for you to write your retraction. In your zeal to absolve this President, his administration, and the folks he appointed to lead the country in times of disaster from any responsibility for the massive failure to act, you made one little mistake. You bought the administration lie that the Governor of Louisiana ... Read More »

Did It Have To Happen?

Warning – If you don’t like scathing criticism of the President and his administration, too fricking bad. What do you get when you ignore the truth? What do you get when you ignore science? What do you get when you are more interested in personal vendetta than public safety? What do you get when tax breaks for the rich are ... Read More »

Truth? Reality?

Anybody that will pointedly, purposely ignore the truth so that their own agenda and definition of events triumphs cannot possibly succeed, not in the climate that exists today. — Rush Limbaugh I beg to differ with you, Mr. Limbaugh. I’d say that the people who purposely ignore the truth have won. I’d say that twisting the truth to meet their ... Read More »