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Book Review: Bonk: The Curious Coupling Of Sex And Science by Mary Roach

"You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery channel." Read More »

Music Review: Fish – 13th Star

Don't worry, there's life in the old fish yet. Read More »

Music Review: Murder by Death – Red of Tooth and Claw

Best enjoyed with a pint in hand Read More »

Book Review: Manic: A Memoir by Terri Cheney

Embrace the absurdity of life with bipolar. Cross over into a different dimension where the rules simply don’t apply. Read More »

Book Review: I is for Indecent, J is for Jealousy, K is for Kinky, L is for Leather edited by Alison Tyler

Better by far than cocoa for bedtime reading. Read More »

DVD Review: Liberty In Restraint – Behind the Eyes of a Fetish Photographer

Frequently disturbing, often beautiful... Read More »

Music Review: 3 – The End Is Begun

A solid addition to the prog rock stable Read More »

Music Review: A Whisper In The Noise – Dry Land

A aural landscape of murderous beauty Read More »

Music Review: BIGBANG – Wild Bird

BIGBANG - a taster to make you spit like a snake? Read More »

Book Review: An Uncertain Inheritance – Writers on Caring For Family, edited by Nell Casey

Required reading for anyone who ever gave a damn. Read More »