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Sadly Funny

Just found in a books chainstore a heavily discounted beautiful book – red hardcover, excellent paper, jacket – a pleasure to hold and behold: Mark Twain’s “A Tramp Abroad”. I’m still at the beginning yet already reading Twain’s humorous description of the German students’ spartan corps code and their insane dueling, one stops smiling. A root, unstroken. >”…It was considered ... Read More »

Strike the root, but make sure you see it…

Upon reading another article on the problem The Other poses here and there: In my whole life, I’ve never met a person of Armenian origin and still no one has managed to persuade me that “Armenians are” (actually all the list that some easy riders proclaim about the Jewish people). As Franz Werfel testifies in his important Forty Days of ... Read More »

Ben Gurion, Nixon, Bush, Sharon…

The more I read about USA, the more I feel really baffled – is it about USA or about my country? When it comes to news on Bush – I’m completely in the dark. Are they misspelling Sharon’s name? Countries are easier to understand. Physically, Israel is small – USA is huge. With Bush and Sharon it goes the other ... Read More »

Relevant Wisdom

This site is not one voice, as a proper blog should be. A polyphonic compilation, a basket full of wisdom. Some of them you might have heard already, like this one: Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and ... Read More »

How should one regard prisoners? Depends…

Since last week, Palestinian prisoners in Israel are on a hunger strike. Why, and what are their demands you may read at length in the Israeli media. Uri Avnery has his own take. Give it a thought. It’s an universal issue. A Very One-Sided War — Uri Avnery 21.8.04 “For all I care, they can starve to death!” announced Tzahi ... Read More »

What Really Really Happens in Iraq?

1. We know so little – we grab each piece of direct information. CBFTW was an anonymous soldier in Iraq. Still alive, hopefully, yet no more anonymus. You might have read his “My War” blog. I’ve read him for the first time only today, following a link for An Interview with an Iraqi Man. He says he was not armed ... Read More »

On Being an unpaid writer…

Everybody seems to be still full asleep – the first bus, the closed eyed shutters in the buildings, the butterflies in my green garden. On the electric wire, two young crows, a wing distance between the two of them. She’s looking straight ahead. His head is turned towards her, his beak moving. My window is closed, I cannot decipher the ... Read More »

Incredible Cheap Beer

Still time to get there: “The Dachau Folk Festival is well known in Bavaria and will take place from 7 to 16 August. The Dachau Folkmusic associations have prepared their traditional programs. A pint of beer will cost only 3.50 Euro. The Festival will take place on the meadow beneath the Old City, whereas a Luna Park will be created ... Read More »

Another Voice

The “Wall”: A Barrier to Peace Dr. Tony Klug It doesn’t seem so long ago when an explosion of joy consumed Israel and the wider Jewish world as the barricades that had divided Jerusalem for 19 suffocating years were triumphantly dismantled in the wake of Israel’s military victory in the 1967 war. Now the barbed wire, fences and concrete barriers ... Read More »

Let me tell you…

Working on my manuscript I had to find out about present Dachau. Remember the days you had to go to libraries, search through your dictionaries, encyclopedias, friends’ or university libraries, under the bed?… Now all you have to do is, search the net. In a couple of seconds Google will Aladin-style bring you whatever you’ll be asking for, and much ... Read More »