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Stewart/Carlson Feud Finally Over?

I’m sure you all remember the major fight that took place last year between Jon Stewart of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Tucker Carlson (then) of Crossfire. (If not, read about it here.) Anyway, now that Tucker has a new show on MSNBC, guess where he’s advertising? That’s right, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Read More »


In a trial that seemed to lower the bar for weirdness with every passing day, it should come as no surprise that jury deliberations have taken an unexpected twist. Tinfoil Hat Pundit has learned the jury in the Michael Jackson child molestation case has asked the judge for a “little leeway” in their deliberations. Specifically, they’d like permission to deliver ... Read More »

Cable News Executives Lament Early End To “Runaway Bride” Story

DULUTH, Georgia (THP) — Cable news executives from CNN, FOX and MSNBC are expressing disappointment over the safe return of runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks over the weekend. “Just as we were gearing up for another compelling human interest story, to have the rug pulled out from under us like that, that’s hard to take,” said a FOX staffer on condition ... Read More »

Rockwell Testifies Jackson Was Inspiration for ’80s Hit.

–WARNING: SATIRE AHEAD– In a stunning courtroom development, prosecutors put one-time Michael Jackson protege “Rockwell” on the stand to testify against the former “King of Pop”. Rockwell, whose real name is Kennedy William Gordy, testified that Michael Jackson was the inspiration for his ’80s hit, “Somebody’s Watching Me”. Gordy, the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy, explained, saying “I was ... Read More »

How Would You Solve the Problem of Illegal Immigration?

(A modified version of this post first appeared at my site, ingrown brain stem.) First there was “What Sucks, copygodd?”. Then there was the sporadic appearance of “Who Is Smarter Than Whom?. Now, I’m proud to introduce the next big gimmick here at the stem: “What Would copygodd Do?”. Here’s how it works: You ask me a question and I ... Read More »

Bin Laden Thanks Administration Officials For Planning “Assistance”

In light of the upcoming Homeland Security Department report outlining a dozen “frightening if hypothetical scenarios,” terrorist-mastermind Osama bin Laden has reportedly sent gourmet gift baskets to President Bush and others in the administration. “On behalf of myself, and my fellow terrorists, I’d like to personally thank the Bush administration for their wonderful suggestions as to how to best destroy ... Read More »

Michael Jackson Sued for Non-Molestation.

The strange sad saga of Michael Jackson continued today when former child-star Emmanuel (Webster) Lewis announced he was suing Michael Jackson for non-molestation. “I’m so tired of hearing ‘Michael did this to me,’ and ‘Michael did that to me’,” said the diminuitive star, who was last seen giggling uncontrollably on The Surreal Life. “In all the time we hung out ... Read More »