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Author Archives: Colin Brayton

The Mystery of the Policeman’s Accent

Malkovich's directorial debut is like his last film as an actor: too much brains, too little human pain. Something, but not everything, gained. Read More »

Real-Time Rhapsody

The AudioGalaxy Christians civilized the Roman conquerors at; will Real Networks now throw the latter to lions? Read More »

The Pre-Industrial Blog

Bloggers and file-swappers do what readers have done since they had to read by candlelight: swap information and form social networks. H.J. Jackson on writing in the margins. Read More »

Top of the Brazucopops

Geography challenged gringos: You'll be missing some of the best things in life if you fail to locate Brazil on the musical map. Read More »

The Rise of the Creative Class

Economic development guru Richard Florida on the bobo — bourgeois-bohemian — revolution, or why kitschifying your city is good for business. Read More »

Uncle Gutenberg Wants You

God help us if the entire universe fails to obey Moore's Law: Pitch in at Gutenberg, the world's greatest open-source e-library — in English. So far. Read More »