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Call 555-Heaven

I was at a political function on Saturday, and a woman who obviously thought I was much more important than I am because I had a pass hanging around my neck, grabbed my hand and said, please tell the President that I lit a candle for him. He is a good man. Well, that got me to thinking. How easy ... Read More »

How Many Villages?

I have no enmity to Hillary Rodham Clinton. As a matter of fact, I supported her in her endeavor to reform health care. I don’t have tremendous respect for her that she has accepted, like the good political wife she is, the diddlings of her husband. His ass would have been on the streets, but I realize that there is ... Read More »

The South Rose

You know hindsight is 20/20. There was a time in this country’s history where the South contributed a huge amount of revenue to the “republic” and there were northerers that didn’t want it stopped. When human rights won out (as it should have), we had a civil war. The North Won. They won the right to free the slaves, they ... Read More »

Sugah’ Wouldn’t Melt…

Ann Coulter has been called many things. A radical, a neo-conservative, and a less than stellar respresentative of a conservative party that is trying to lose the elitist label. She may be all those things. She has a smart mouth on her, but unfortunately for the other side, she has a brain to back it up. At times I have ... Read More »