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Author Archives: Claire Marie Blaustein

The Critical Condition of Music Journalism: Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit

Newspapers and magazines are folding left and right - what is the future of the music journalist? Read More »

Movie Review: It Might Get Loud

It started as a documentary about the electric guitar. But this film is far more – a portrait of the artists as men. Read More »

Concert Review: Jones Street Station at the 9:30 Club, Washington DC, 2/26/09

It is folk, sort of, and country, a little bit, and rock, too. Read More »

Future of Music Coalition – Policy Day 2009

The Future of Music Coalition’s 2009 Policy Day tried to disentangle the web of Digital Media and Copyright. Read More »

Book Review: Japanese for Busy People Kana Workbook by the Association for Japanese-Language Teaching

Learn your Japanese alphabet fast! Read More »

Music Review: Helen Money – Helen Money

Rock out on the cello - not a contradiction in terms for Helen Money. Read More »

Technology and Intellectual Property Policy Day 2007 – Washington, DC

What happens when a century old body of law like copyright is applied to new technology? Read More »

Music Review: Ozomatli – Don’t Mess with the Dragon

Ozomatli is shaping up, growing up, shining up, and Messing with Dragons. Read More »

Music Review: Oreskaband – Ore

Put six Japanese teenagers in a ska band - what do you get? Energy up the wazoo. ORESKABAND! YAAA! Genki desu! Read More »

Music Review: Mira Mira – Midnight for You

Mira Mira finds midnight in the clubs of Chicago... and it's all for you. Read More »