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curly hairstyles

Curly hairstyles can be categorized into two main sections to start and those are natural curly and hand curled. Some women have naturally curly hair and style their hair normally. Women without natural curls who want curly hairstyles need to have curls infused into their tresses using one of several methods. These methods include using curling irons, curl setters or ... Read More »

prom hairstyles

The prom is an event that occurs once a year and every year girls search for their ideal prom hairstyles. Prom hairstyles are simply hairstyles that are worn to the prom and can come be in numerous styles and colors to match the wearer’s personality but are generally formal. Some of the main prom hairstyles include updos, downdos, and half-updos ... Read More »

long hairstyles

Hair is an essential part of overall appearance and having long hair opens the door for women to a multitude of hairstyles. There are only a few drawbacks to having long hair including care and management and sometimes it is a hassle to style all that hair but the advantages are definitely worth it. Having long hair allows for styling ... Read More »

celebrity hairstyles

People have always looked to celebrities, including actors, actresses, models, musicians, and others for hairstyle ideas. Celebrity hairstyles have started many trends and sparked many ideas for styling, coloring, and cutting hair. Actors and actresses in TV sitcoms, models on magazine covers, musicians in music videos, and all the famous people looking their best at red carpet events are all ... Read More »

short hairstyles

A short hairstyle can be considered from chin length up or shorter. This can include some bobs, ear length haircuts, short crops, and pixie cuts to name a few. There are countless short hairstyles that fit every occasion from work and school to formal parties. Styling and cutting techniques such as razoring and layering can also be applied to short ... Read More »

layered hairstyles

Layers are a fantastic addition to any haircut to create a totally new look or revamp an older look no matter what length the hair is. Layering can add many positives to a hairstyle including movement, thickness, dimension, facial framing, and softening. By adding layers women with thin hair can make it appear thicker and with volume. Layered hairstyles can ... Read More »

medium hairstyles

Many women have medium hairstyles which are hairstyles that fall right to shoulder length. This is because a mid-length hairstyle is safer than very long or short and can be very flattering combined with unique styling methods. Medium hairstyles are very versatile because the length can be adjusted slightly and it takes less time for the hair to grow back ... Read More »


Hairstyles are one of the key pieces to creating a personal look and there are tons of ways to style hair to compliment facial features, clothing, and for special events. This is why the hair care products industry is a million dollar business. Finding and creating hairstyles takes time and research because everyone has different types of hair. Hair can ... Read More »