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Howie Mandell: Lord of the Maggots?

Deal or No Deal: Wouldn't it be more humane to auction off their internal organs? Read More »

Pirate Jenny: Confessions of a Former Bookstore Employee

The Customer Service Army demands better customer service, but what about a group that demands better customers? Read More »

Theater Review: Bernard Pomerance’s The Elephant Man at Woodrow Wilson High School, Dallas

What's a poor critic to do about a flawed but exhilarating high school production? Read More »

The Practice and Boston Legal: A Miscarriage of Justice

Pro bonehead: David Kelley’s Boston Legal is a travesty of justice. Read More »

Movie Review: Born into Brothels

The radiance, audacity, and clear-eyed authenticity of the shots they take are mind-boggling. Read More »

Movie Review: Young Adam

The only danger to our nation’s youth is that it could, quite possibly, put them off sex forever. Read More »

Movie Review: Prey for Rock and Roll

What bothers me is this very old and still prevalent presumption that queer folks must be damaged goods. Read More »

Interview with Jonathan Caouette, Director of Tarnation

"The three weeks where I edited nonstop...were like this fiery, completely cathartic experience. It was thrilling, hilarious, devastating and very hard work. Read More »

Movie Review: Tarnation

Tarnation suggests that it’s not about deserving the life we get, but surviving it. Read More »

Movie Review: Broadway: The Golden Age

Broadway has become a candy factory with empty whiz-bang special effects and canned music. Read More »