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Is the World Ready for Major League Gaming?

Who wouldn't like to write off the expense of their Xbox 360 when filing taxes? Read More »

DVD Review: Doom (Unrated)

Doom wasn’t the first first-person shooter (FPS) video game, but it was the game that defined the genre. In the action packed shooter, scientists experimenting with Star Trek-style matter transportation accidently open a portal into Hell. Video game players around the world battled demons who had been released as a result of this accident. Doom was a veritable clinic in ... Read More »

Book Review: Marked for Death by Matt Forbeck

The Eberron world is a fantasy environment that combines elements of pulp and detective/noir fiction with traditional fantasy tropes. Read More »

TV Review: Rollergirls

To paraphrase Lunatic, one of the Rollergirls, "it gives my life a kind of purpose, no matter how pointless that purpose is." Read More »

Movie Review: Free Enterprise

People who were born in the late '60s to late '70s experienced the first wave of what has been a continuing explosion of popular culture. Read More »