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Ice Wars

The event more than lived up to its billing: it was full of sequins, bad white people's music, and the clashing of cultural ideologies. Read More »

Whither Miss World

I’m quite fond of beauty pageants. I think they represent what is best and true and wicked awesome about our world. They rock hard. There’s no denying the eroticism of women strutting around in swimsuits and heels in front of an ugly audience, made up mostly of their family members and rich white people. Beauty queens are talented individuals with ... Read More »

Dan Zanes Rocks

Dan Zanes is a treasure. I’m not sure I actually feel that way, but I’ve always wanted to use that line. Regardless, if Dan Zanes isn’t quite a treasure, he’s the closest thing to it. Being a stay-at-home dad there are only so many things I can do with my young son before I’m exhausted, bored to tears, or jonesin’ ... Read More »

Benny Hill Gets Shafted Yet Again

The people chosen by the BBC's internet poll as The Most Famous Britons of All Time deserve to be in the top ten in some way, shape, or form, I guess. But given I vacationed in England for two weeks during the summer of 2000 and have eaten crumpets, I think my own list of most famous Brits is the definitive one. Read More »