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Judge Roy Moore Removed From Office

Moore has - and continues to - thumb his nose at the Constitution Of The United States in the name of Christianity and at the risk of driving people even further toward divisiveness. I can't imagine a less Christian practice. Read More »

Marlins Win Game 5 Despite Looper Scare

I haven’t blogged about the World Series (or baseball period, actually) since my Braves lost to The Cubs in the first round of the playoffs. I do want to make one observation about tonight’s Marlins win over the Yankees, however. It was almost the win that wasn’t. Marlin’s pitcher Braden Looper almost blew one of the most commanding World Series ... Read More »

These Are Words That Go Together Well

When I was 20 I met and fell into deranged lust with a woman who was 17 years my senior. It was a beautiful relationship and I studied intently at the feet of her many personalities... Read More »

Friendster Failure

Here's my Friendster saga: I joined and sent the spamish invite to all my friends. Seven of them joined up. And there we sat for months, just the eight of us, wallowing in our anti-social morass. Read More »

Rush Limbaugh’s Fall From Grace: Good For Conservatives?

There are millions of women, blacks, latinos and - shudder! - gays who quietly lean to the Right only to be repulsed by The Man With The Golden Microphone... Read More »