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Surviving the Cut

A Blogcritic loses his Surgeonity. Read More »

Nixon Forever

General Franco May Still Be Dead, but is our 37th President? Read More »

Happy Birthday, Operation Uranus

Sixty-one years ago today, the Red Army launched Operation Uranus, which might have been the single most important military operation of World War II. Read More »

Winning Vodka Drinker Goes to His Reward

Volgodonsk resident distinguishes himself by drinking three bottles of vodka in 30 minutes -- once. Read More »

Poland Out of East Bank

Poland Out of East Bank, demand German activists as cycle of violence pedals across torn and tattered Road Map. Read More »

My Mom and Darth Vader

My mom was part of the rebel alliance and a traitor -- NOT! Read More »

Red Sox Seek the Greater Share of Honour

In anticipation of Game 7, I have adapted some St. Crispin's excerpts for that certain special bunch of guys in the hopes that, though outnumbered in The Bronx, they will bring glory to themselves. Read More »

Lou Grant would kick the ever lovin’ shite out of this guy and then enjoy a Scotch.

Ed Asner on Stalin, Santa, and Rush. Read More »

Schwarzenegger and the JFK assassination

Arnold’s failure to have publicly explained and proved his whereabouts on November 22, 1963 is sufficient to prove his involvement in the JFK assassination to anyone who isn’t too stupid to believe it. Added to rumors that Arnold was once at LAX at the same time as a former CIA agent and once shook hands with Ivan Boesky outside the ... Read More »

Boston Radio Icon’s Disgusting Gorilla Remark

G.M. Chrysler! One of the morning show hosts for WEEI in Boston, the top-rated sportstalk station in the country, recently made an on-air remark that speaks for itself–but I will characteristically offer unnecessary commentary and say that his remark is MANY magnitudes worse than Rush’s statements. John Dennis, who has been with WEEI for seven years and was also a ... Read More »