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by kAble & vOyA kaBle: MINORITY-REPORT-NERVE-CENTRAL… This damn life… Have you heard the latest? The Verichip-implant is next season’s beige, darling… Slip-in-the-RFID-chip… Nice and snug… We’ll track you to the ends of the earth… And back, again… Cortex-chip, bitch… Congratulations >> Mexico… You’re NOW officially The Biggest-Human Chip Market… Round-of-applause, please… For the 1,000+ gullible citizens…. Of Street-Jack Central… 3,000-abductees ... Read More »


by kAble & vOya “I like Bush because he’s decisive, even when he’s wrong…” John Doe >> American Voter. kAble..And so it came to pass… In the year of our Neo-con Lord, 2004… The New World Order: Act II… >> Patriotism, Faith and the Truth of Consequence >> Damn… I feel so warm and fuzzy right now… Slipping into the ... Read More »


bY kabLe & < vOyA > “Eventually, a democratic world will need a more democratic sense of evil – an understanding of the ordinariness and shallowness of evil.” – Lance Morrow, EVIL: An Investigation. < vOyA > MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Let’s just call him…. John Doe…. 45…. the “ordinary” man who murdered his wife…. Provoked to strangle her no less…. To ... Read More »


bY kabLe & < vOyA > “The planes came from everywhere. We just lined them up and put them on the ground. But the most amazing thing of all is that from the time we got the last of those six or seven airplanes on the ground, if you looked at our radarscope, there was nothing on it…That is an ... Read More »

Dreamy Desire To Believe

bY >kabLe & < vOyA > “Over 500 American soldiers – average age, 19 – have died in Afghanistan (the forgotten war) and Iraq, all of whom came home in “transfer tubes” free of any media coverage…. “Thousands of civilians have died in both countries (we’ll probably never know exactly how many, as the Army has stopped counting).” < Nick ... Read More »


bY >kabLe < and < vOyA > “Life is a perpetual instruction in cause and effect…” < Ralph Waldo Emerson > __________________________________________ >kAble < So, there they were... The human debris of choice and indecision... Lined-up-oh-so-orderly... Wipe the hangover from your minds... And denial from your hearts... LAB-RAT-species... Crawl into your polling booth... And do your master's jig... Cause and ... Read More »

Ramblings of Dangerous Minds….

bY kabLe & < vOyA > “I sensed that a primitive religion was being born, a faith in search of a god to worship. Congregations roamed the streets, hungry for a charismatic figure who would emerge sooner or later from the wilderness of a suburban shopping mall and the scent of a promising wind of passion and credulity.” – Millennium ... Read More »


bY >kabLe and < vOyA > “The world in the twenty-first century is in many ways a catastrophe for children, which means, of course, that the future itself arrives already damaged.” – LANCE MORROW, Evil: An Investigation > kabLe > Words seem so fucking hollow, right now .. I prefer the silence… >> deep and empty >> My mind filled ... Read More »


by voYa & kable >kable< So, I turned on the TV today... ill-prepared for what greeted me... Thousands of protestors lining the catacombs of New York City... The mood was tense... The Placard nirvana in full flow... Anti-Bush sentiment-flying-every-which-fucking-way... Thank god for the masses I say... Thank god for the 'silent majority'... Rising against the tide of dictatorship... Thank god ... Read More »