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CD Review: Jackie Greene – American Myth

It becomes one of those definitive “headphone records” where sensation grows like it's injected straight into your bloodstream. Read More »

The Necessity of Mocking Our Leaders: Genius of Jon Stewart

In a sense, Michael Kalin is right: Jon Stewart isn't funny in that his importance is deadly serious. Read More »

Success in the Modern Political Era: Why Bush Failed

The Bush Administration might as well be over. Their failure came from a refusal to communicate and dignify the other side with a response. Read More »

Jackie Greene: Continously Jaw-Dropping

My experience with Jackie Greene has been revolutionized and I left impressed and awe-struck, something I couldn’t have predicted for all the world. Read More »

Delusion Is Not A Political Strategy

Hollywood would like you to believe that it's a breakout hit, transcending political and social boundaries; in reality it's just preaching to the choir. Read More »

The Internet Revolution: Forget the Old Model

The beauty of the Internet Revolution comes from its ability to allow ordinary people to create quality content. Success will further be based on merit, and not on corporate backing. Read More »

The Ten Worst MySpace Personalities

So wearing tight pants, make-up and listening to bands that have hypocritically become popular by not being "mainstream" gives lets you judge everyone else? Read More »

Book Review: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max

Tucker Max can hope all he wants, but when it comes to eternal damnation he doesn't exactly have a choice. Read More »

Tookie Williams Was Just Like Jesus

He stole the lives, wealth, and freedom from countless individuals. His life was innately and wholly selfish and yet you compare his to Jesus? Read More »

Tucker Max: Belligerent Genius and Gonzo Incarnate

If Hunter S. Thompson had found this site, he probably wouldn’t have killed himself. I say this about because there is little else that so fully embodies the Good Doctor’s message of self-destruction and indulgence. Read More »