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TV Review/Satire: American IdolWare – The Top Six Finalists Perform

With the David Archuleta blender whatever you put in, 90 seconds later you pour out a rich, creamy, pop ballad. Read More »

Satire: The Rove Ultimatum

He’ll be the perfect political killing machine. Efficient, quick, and totally without conscience. Read More »

TV Review: American Idol – Was the Show Off Key on Tuesday Night?

It’s sad that the producers of Idol this Tuesday night missed how much music can matter. Read More »

American Idol: God’s Own Sligh Sense of Humor

God was going to be on the Idol Cares show, but Bono insisted on top billing. Read More »

TV Review: Amercan Idol 6 – The Adventures of Sanjaya and Sundance

Can I be honest? You're going to die anyway..." Then Paula jumps in. "You look really beautiful though." Read More »

TV Review: American Idol – Didn’t You Used to Be Kellie Pickler?

How do you go from 20 to 40 in just twelve months without vampires being involved? Read More »

TV Review: Amercan Idol 6 — The Natural Superiority of Women

I know this is obvious, but this show works better when the music is good. Read More »

TV Review/Satire: American Idol 6 — Homicide with Ryan Seacrest and the Boys

Whoa, no way any dude touches the guy who did Teri Hatcher and Sheryl Crow! Read More »

TV Review: American Idol 6 – Go Back to French, Simon Cowell

When anyone asks "Can I be honest with you?" no one ever has the sense to say, "Well, actually, no." Read More »

AFC Quarterbacks Continue Super Bowl Dominance

The NFC has for some reason lost the arms race. Read More »