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India and the West: Changing Lanes in a Flat World

Building on Thomas L. Friedman's upbeat take in The World is Flat, an exploration of how India needs the west and, yes, the west needs India. Read More »

A Rather Aggressive March of Dimes

Holidays are the time to give and be grateful. Some charities, run like corporations, defy that spirit. Read More »

Four Billion Tickets Sold and 1000 Movies Each Year ? Not Hollywood, Silly…

Bollywood, India's Hollywood out of Bombay, is a mammoth. With four billion tickets sold annually and more viewers than Hollywood, this giant deserves a second glance. Read More »

Justice Served or Travesty of Justice ? A Saga Ensues in the Troubled Paradise

While Paradise burns amid never ending wars by the two south Asian neighbors, questions at a much higher plateau need answered. Read More »

When Stupidity Happens to Intelligent Projects

Of life's not so opportune moments and it's comical connotations. Read More »

Acceptable Risks: Beware The Grammar Police

Grammar should supplement the language and the spirit of the story. Read More »

As American As Apple Pie, As Indian As Curry

Cultural differences lead to comical incidents which, though embarrassing at times, ensure life as a laugh-fest. Suffer the moment, good for laughs later... Read More »

The Power of Healing and Inspiration Without Religion

Religion is a powerful, healing force in a world torn apart by religion. Read More »

Gender Wars, Courtesy Forbes?

Two Forbes editors seem to have lost the essence of marriage... Read More »