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Why Are the Conservatives So Against Equality?

The nasty party never really went away. Read More »

One Lunatic, One Icepick: Thousands of Willing Spectators, Same Old Story

The alleged video of the brutal murder of Lin Jun has received hundreds of thousands of hits. Is this new? Read More »

Book Review: Just Boris: The Irresistible Rise of a Political Celebrity by Sonia Purncell

When calamities befall other politicians their careers finish, when they befall Boris they are laughed off. Sonia Purnell's biography explores why. Read More »

Andrew Lansley: Parliamentary Pugilist

It had been billed as an epic battle: Burnham vs. Lansley. It ended with us being none the wiser. Read More »

Mormonism’s Faustian Pact

Warning! The Mormons are after your departed family's souls and they don't play nice. That, at least, is what one Rabbi contends. Read More »

The Whitney Houston I Never Knew: Death of a Nobody

Whitney Houston is dead. Should we care? Read More »

Book Review: Ann the Word: The Story of Ann Lee, Female Messiah, Mother of the Shakers by Richard Francis

Ann Lee, whom most consider to be the founder of the Shakers, was a volatile and charismatic woman. Richard Francis tells her story. Read More »

For Sale! The British Monarchy. One careful Owner (that we can remember anyway). All Offers Considered.

This week's yacht-gate has all the makings of a media set-up. No, I am not referring to the tragic sinking of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy but rather the media storm over the aspirations that Her Majesty should be furnished with a new Royal Yacht. Read More »

Just Another Week in Politics? Not Quite

Could Scotland soon declare independence from the UK? Answer on a postcard please. Read More »

The Stephen Lawrence Murder Convictions: Some Reservations

Today David Norris and Gary Dobson have been sentenced for racially aggravated murder. That is good news, but questions still remain. Read More »