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America’s Number One Enemy, Indeed

Romney recently claimed Russia was America's "number one geopolitical foe." Was he right? Read More »

Leaving Kazakhstan

A Peace Corps Volunteer laments an early departure from Kazakhstan. Read More »

Stephen Barr, Particle Physics, and the (Dis)proof of God

A decade ago, Stephen Barr wrote a paean to Intelligent Design. His argument is flawless, but for one minor oversight. Read More »

Watching Egypt, Tenuously

How do you show solidarity with the Egyptian protesters? Read More »

Palin, Paranoia, and Political Assassination

Try as some might to assign blame, Sarah Palin does not bear direct responsibility for the Arizona assassination attempt. But she needs to change. Read More »

In the Center of it All: The WikiLeaks Debate

WikiLeaks isn't the Antichrist, but it's also not quite in the right. Here's why. Read More »

The Power and Passion of Online Baseball

It used to be that change in baseball was frowned upon. But this invention fits in better than could ever be expected. Read More »

Surviving Baseball’s Decade from Hell

We’ve survived it. “The Decade from Hell,” Time said. And life was just as hellacious in baseball — so where to next? Read More »

The Great Yankee Deflation

After watching the Yankees' victory last week, I wasn't angry. Instead, I felt nothing. Read More »

The Drugged Fallacies of Bill James

Finally, we know what Bill James thinks of the steroids debate. Here's why he's wrong. Read More »