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Hostages: Time for America to Act

So far, America has an inauspicious record on dealing with hostage situations. Here I offer my suggestion for a better hostage policy. Read More »

Who is Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI?

As Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI was considered the bad cop to Pope John Paul II's good cop. Read More »

Book Review: Aggressive Network Self-Defense

If you are interested in exploring the concept, this is a must-read. Read More »

FEC, protect us!

I, for one, admire and appreciate the FEC taking on this new challenge to protect all us easily-confused citizens from them wily old bloggers. I'll be danged if I couldn't use some oversight myself! Read More »

They (or we) are insane

If it becomes clear that facts and logic are irrelevant to the other person, I gracefully exit the discussion because I know it is pointless. Read More »

Young Republican Interview

Interview with a Bush Administration political appointee. Read More »

It was all about the WMD stockpile?

Some of our friends on the left are fond of calling themselves members of the "reality-based community"... Read More »