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A Writer’s Misadventures in Writing

A writer grapples with the ups and downs of her craft. Read More »

What John Banville’s The Infinities Teaches Us About Living and Dying

The secret to living, Banville reveals, is to become aware of other dimensions and how to exist in them, to learn to inhabit the impossible. Read More »

Jersey Shore‘s Brand of Feminism

Men may be vainer and more sexualized, but women are still clearly second-rate. Read More »

Confessions of a Word Junkie: The Writer as Liar

The Childhood Liar as Budding Writer? Read More »

Ten Signs That You Should Scrap That Piece of Writing

A serio-comic checklist for the writer. Read More »

Music Review: The Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet – The Sound of a Broken Reed

You have only to hear "Four Seasons, Four Saxes, New Four-Casts" to know you are listening to the work of a deeply talented composer. Read More »

The Woman Who Became Words: Sylvia Plath’s Linguistic Transformation

The linguistic alchemy that transforms the imagery and language of Sylvia Plath's poetry. Read More »

The Roadtripper’s Guide to the Galaxy

Two roadtrippers find they share the same three levels of experience. Read More »

Staging a Coup Against Writer’s Block

How to stage a coup on writer's block. Read More »

William Faulkner’s Magical “Maybe”

A look at the way Faulkner positions his created people, through the “maybe” that leaves all possibilities open. Read More »