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Author Archives: Carol Richtsmeier

Wanted: Two Chubby Brits

Two American teachers search for two Rubenesque British ones for a fitness challenge, but haven't found anyone willing to participate. Read More »

Five Shortcomings In Education

Five things that make teachers less than stellar. Read More »

Waiting for Patience

Patience belongs on a "Bucket-Less List" of things that will never happen in your life. Read More »

Making the God of Exercise Smirk

When the neighborhood gym closes, sometimes there are few options left in a slow economy. Read More »

Workshops, Bill Cosby and Dancing Food

If so many teachers don’t want to teach, why am I spending a week of my summer at a workshop? Read More »

Barbados, Brits, and Barbie Freedom

A trip out of the country launches a different kind of Independence Day. Read More »

Goldilocks and the Shade Hijackers: My Beach Vacation

Sometimes day at the beach can stress you out. Especially when you're surrounded by thieves. Read More »

Peer Pressure and the Pandemic Panic

With Swine Flu taking up much of the news these days, it’s easy to feel a little panicky. Read More »

Stereotypes, Zumba, and Me

Maybe I got started off on the wrong foot, but this latest exercise craze does little for my self-esteem. Read More »

Coming To Terms With Death

Even in death, my father taught me one more lesson. Read More »