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Chris Martin’s Bland, Bland Music

Coldplay has tricked the world into liking them. What does that say about us? Read More »

Can’t We Just Enjoy One Little Victory for Democracy?

Regardless of motives or politics, a black man in the Oval Office sounds pretty cool. Read More »

Music Review: Beck – Modern Guilt

Beck hires on a couple of musical mercenaries for a masterpiece. Read More »

Monty Python: Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

An appreciation of the seminal British comedy troupe. Read More »

Hurray for 19th Century Education Reformers!

How to fix America's academic future. Read More »

Mixed Feelings

Generation Y is confused in regard to this election (and most everything else). Read More »

Tips for a Great Halloween

Help fight overly-protective parents this Halloween with me. Read More »

Music Review: Girl Talk- Feed the Animals

Girl Talk mashes up hundreds of Top 100 songs in to a tremendous dance album. Read More »

How to Look Cool in a Coffee Shop, or Tips for Hipsters

Those obnoxious coffee shop hipsters with their MacBooks... Read More »

Concert Review: Bob Dylan – Tulsa, Oklahoma, 8/27/08

Bob Dylan and his band rocks the Brady Theater in Tulsa. Read More »