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Scientology Vs Psychotherapy – Long Live South Park

L. Ron Hubbard is dead, long live South Park. Read More »

Don’t Trust a Baby Boomer

Blame Baby Boomers for over-priced education. Read More »

Most Common Searches?

What are the most common searches? Read More »

Defining Junk Religions : Religious Stupidities and Theological Salvation

Part 2 of a two part series distinguishing junk religions from authentic religions Read More »

All Religions are Not Equal: Part 1. Tolerance is not Relativism

The simple unspoken reality is that not all religions are equally good. Some in fact are downright bad. The problem we have as Americans, however, is that our fundamental attachment to tolerance makes it very difficult for us to say this. We typically confuse our absolute adherence to tolerance with relativism. But tolerance in fact is diametrically opposed to relativism. ... Read More »

Arlen Specter Eminent Domain Hearing Blasts Columbia Law Professor Thomas Merrill

Yesterday Arlen Specter chaired a U.S. Senate Judiciary hearing on behalf of new bipartisan legislation likely to be introduced by no less than twenty Senators intent on effectively overturning the malignant decision of the Supreme Court in Kelo v New London. The hearing began with testimony from Susette Kelo herself. By the conclusion of the hearing it became clear, ironically ... Read More »

Abortion Rights, Property Rights and Kelo

Kelo opens the door for eminent domain to be applied to uteruses. Read More »

Soup Nazis, Rule Nazis, Grade Nazis and You: Advice for Freshmen

Your professors and psychologist know far less than they pretend. Be optimistic. Read More »

The Bush Baby Boom

When all is said and done Little George Bush will not be remembered for his response to 9/11, the Iraq war, the two Supreme Court justices he appoints, or even hurricane Katrina. I predict in fifteen years Little Bush will be remembered as the president that ushered in one of the most important Baby Booms in American history. I have ... Read More »

Americans Certainly Do Love Their TT’s: A Marxist Lesson for the Right

Babies change Capitalists to Marxists in the most personal of ways! Read More »