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Feels like déjà vu all over again: Obamapalooza-stock Read More »

Satire: Crying for Comic Relief

There she goes again, it all depends on the meaning of "is." Read More »

Satire: Republican Spoiler

What happened to Margaret Spellings glasses and why. Read More »

An Open Letter to Google: Google University on YouTube

Google could easily reduce the cost of college education, with YouTube and outsourcing grading. Read More »

Thank God for Radical Islam!

Philosophy is again relevant; but are Western philosophers up to the task? Read More »

Rummy is Right: Don’t Appease Fascists

Islamist fascism and Mussolini’s fascism are more alike than you expect. Conservatives, not liberals, will protect liberal democracy from this new variety of fascism. Read More »

The Democratic Party is the Mental Illness Party

Of course the Democrats have a big idea -- all policy is mental health policy! Read More »

Essential Problems of Boys and Girls

Sexual categories are not individual people. Read More »

Student Bill of Rights, Yes!

We need a student bill of rights because $140 per minute is just too much to pay for politically correct hokum. Read More »

What are You? Some Kind of Atheist?

Internal mystical experiences have no relation to God, which names nothing at all. God means nothing. That is atheism. Read More »