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The 23rd Annual Gemini Awards Prediction Potrzebie

Promises to be more entertaining than Alex Strachan. Read More »

TV Review: MADtv and Talkshow with Spike Feresten Season Premieres

Talkshow with Spike Feresten: surprisingly good! MADtv: surprisingly still on the air! Read More »

TV Review: My Life and a Movie – “Deadly Weapons” and “She-Devils on Wheels”

"How big would the bedroom have to be to roll one of these bodybags out?" Read More »

Comics Review: Groo: Hell on Earth #1 (of 4)

As long as the Groo fundamentals exist, the mendicant can err for as long as he wants. Read More »

Comics Review: Toxic Shock Comics #1

It's not like this is threatening established alternacomics for readership, but it's surprisingly good for what it is. Read More »

DVD Review: Finesse Mitchell – Snap Famous

Finesse Mitchell's stand-up act doesn't blow his SNL stint completely out of the water, but it's better than I expected. Read More »

Interview with Matt Watts of Canadia: 2056

"You think my stuff is 'zany madcap?' Huh...I never looked at it like that." Read More »

Comics Review: Tank Girl – The Gifting #1 (of 4) by Alan Martin and Ashley Wood

Tank Girl is back with her first comic in over a decade. Not a bad exhumation! Read More »

TV Review: SNL in the ’90s – Pop Culture Nation

"Dear Saturday Night Live, It's Over. Please Die." Read More »

Radio Review: Q

This review has a lot of letters. Q has one. Read More »