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The Summer Of The Superhero: Hollywood and Comic Book Adaptation

What is it about Comic Book adaptations for the big screen that seem to go horribly wrong? This is an especially pertinent question to ask considering that this was literally the summer of the superheroes. We had X-men 2, The Daredevil, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Hulk (The Incredible part got lost somewhere along the way). In the past ... Read More »

A Startling Young Talent – Yundi Li: Chopin

The credentials are impeccable. He was the youngest ever winner of the Warsaw Chopin festival held only once every half decade at the tender age of 18. His performances in that competition stunned the world, showing a pianist who showed a brilliant range of touch and feel belittling his youth. Past winners of the Warsaw Chopin have used it as ... Read More »