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Government’s Higher Standard

We're only holding one part of our economy accountable if we focus squarely on government alone. Read More »

Lincoln 2.0? Not Yet

Despite the early comparisons, Barack Obama has a ways to go before being mentioned in the same breath as Abraham Lincoln. Read More »

Daring to Confront the Hard Truths

Arguing about quibbling matters can never replace confronting the larger ones underneath. Read More »

TV Review: The Real World

Twenty years later, the original reality television show, for better or for worse. Read More »

Religious Tolerance and the 9/11 Anniversary

Religious faith shows ironies and contradictions even with promise of certitude. Read More »

Dealing with Obama Fatigue

Barack Obama's policy decisions continue to befuddle both his opponents and his supporters. Read More »

Hope is our Responsibility, Too

Direct participation in government requires resourceful, committed, passionate strategies. Read More »

Recession Woes Require Direct Action

Unequal income distribution has created multiple problems in the United States for hundreds of years. Read More »

Movie Review: Women in Revolt

An early seventies Andy Warhol film whose notable contradictions place it decades ahead of its time. Read More »