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Book Review: Three Sheets to the Wind by Pete Brown

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes to travel, likes beer, or, even better, likes both. Read More »

DVD Review: The God Who Wasn’t There

Just in time for Christmas - a complete denial that Christ existed. Enjoy. Read More »

Book Review: The New Health Insurance Solution By Paul Zane Pilzer

How to get cheaper, better coverage without a traditional employer plans. Read More »

Book Review: The Soul of America by Abraham King

This book is less concerned with America’s soul than those parts that have become separated from it. Specifically religion, business, politics, the workers – well, the whole country, I suppose. Read More »

Leon Ware – A Kiss in the Sand

If you don’t immediately recognize Leon Ware’s name, try these: Marvin Gaye, Minnis Riperton, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Maxwell. Ware has produced and written for all of them over his long career. He acknowledges that, “I’ve been more of a behind the scenes individual even though I’m in a field that calls for me to be just the opposite.” ... Read More »

IMS – Irritable Male Syndrome

It seems that the more the lines separating the genders are blurred, the further apart we find that men and women really are. It is almost cliché now to point out that much of medical care has traditionally been geared for men and that, until say 40 years or so ago, women were considered to be little more than men ... Read More »

Baker Towers

This book concentrates on the lives of five children of a mine worker in a small Pennsylvania town peopled by descendents of immigrants from Poland, living on Polish Hill, and Italy, who live in Little Italy, at a time when such distinctions mattered. It opens just before the US entered World War II and follows their lives into the Vietnam ... Read More »

Fields of Crimson – Symphonic Gettysburg

I anticipate that we will see some great things from him in the future. Unfortunately, “Fields of Crimson” will not be counted among them. Read More »

Decoding the Da Vinci Code

The basic message of this DVD is that Dan Brown's book is interesting enough, but you haven’t heard the half of it. Read More »

It’s Not About the Bra

The subtitle gives us Chastain’s mission in the book: “How to Play Hard, Play Fair and Put the Fun Back into Competitive Sports.” Her target audience is young soccer players and their parents and, for what it is, this is a good book. Read More »